Nicolas Titeux

Ingénieur du son

Sound designer



Sound engineer, sound designer and composer since 12 years, I offer you my skills for your short and feature film project, video and mobile game, advertising film or documentary.


Sound Design

Sound Editing




Original score





5.1 for theaters

TV R128

Web Stereo


Sound FXs


Voice / Instruments



PC, PS4 & XBOX video game


Ghost of a Tale

PC, PS4, XBOX  & Nintendo Switch Video game

Foley and Sound Design


Feature film by Robert Rodriguez

Jessica Alba ADR recording


Animation short film selected for Oscars 2017

Sound design,  foley, original score and re-recording mixing


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Sound Design


Feature film

Foley and re-recording mixing


“Working with Nicolas was a creatively satisfying experience. In terms of sound design, his attention to detail is unparalleled. He is really passionate about his craft and recorded almost everything from scratch. That really added to the atmosphere and life of the film, and made each location and character come to life. In terms of music he is the kind of composer who isn’t just versatile but brings his own flavor to the outcome and elevates the impact. He understands the language of film medium really well, and doesn’t shy away from bringing fresh ideas. He also provided valuable feedback and ideas that added subtle yet powerful touches to the film.”

Ishan Shukla, director, screenwrite, 3D artist

“I’ve called onto Nicolas’ expertise for Ghost of a Tale as I needed a professional foley artist to take on the task of coming up with brand new sound effects for the game. I was adamant about not using generic sounds, I needed instead a plethora of quite specific effects that would successfully mesh into the game’s world in order to create a highly evocative result. Nicolas is a true professional and cares very much about the quality of his work. His involvement would be an asset to any production, he’s dedicated to delivering a stellar performance and I would hire him again on future projects in a heartbeat.”

Lionel Gallat, video game designer, former animation director at Dreamworks.

“Nicolas created the sound for my short animated film “Settling”. He did a brilliant job and was great to work with – very knowledgeable and helpful. He recorded sounds for the film in his studio and outside, and edited them all together seamlessly to generate a wonderful atmosphere of horror and suspense for the film. Nicolas also wrote a small piece of background music that I needed for one scene. I was in the studio with him for one day and it was very cool to see how all the sound came together.”

Emma Mccann, réalisatrice, animatrice chez Dreamwall Animation Studio