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Sound design for advertising

by | Oct 3, 2023


In audiovisual adverstising, sound design, music and sound are essential elements that add a captivating and memorable dimension to an advertising campaign. By paying particular attention to these aspects, it is possible to create a real experience that reinforces the impact of the message. The tone of voice, the quality of the sound design and the care taken in the choice or composition of the music bring strong added value to the advertising content, thus arousing emotion and commitment from listeners. Let’s see what possibilities sound design offers.

Strengthen brand DNA

Sound identity, also called sound branding, plays a crucial role in creating a brand’s identity. Its particularity lies in its ability to appeal to the sense of hearing, effectively transmitting the advertising message. It defines the uniqueness of the brand identity and aims to sound attractive and memorable to the audience. For those who choose to incorporate sound into their advertising campaign, it becomes an extension and sometimes even the greatest vector of brand image. Think about the jingles and advertising musics from our childhood, some are forever etched in our minds, and the associated products have become familiar to us.

But sound identity is more than just an audio logo or a jingle. It’s about finding the perfect match betwen sound and the overall brand image. It’s about shaping the perception of the brand thanks to the sense of hearing, very linked to emotion. Harmony, a term commonly used in music, must be the key word that combines sound identity, visual identity and brand identity.

ADN sonore de marque

Stand apart from your competitors

Identity, by definition, is the permanent and fundamental character of something, which makes it unique. Creating a strong sound identity therefore amounts, by corollary, to distinguishing yourself from others, and therefore from the competition. The difficulty lies in the careful elaboration of this identity, to make it remarkable.

To differentiate and make a product memorable, we can use unique and recognizable sound elements, such as a voice with a singular timbre, music with original sounds or instruments, or custom-made sound design. All these elements must be orchestrated with finesse and relevance, this is the role of the sound designer.

Reach the emotion

Hearing is one of the first senses awakened in our life. It is a sense that alerts us, reassures us, gives us much stronger and unconscious emotions than our sight. Hearing is always in the background in our lives, when we sleep, but also when we are focused on another task. The sound of a television on while you are busy with a manual task, for example. French-speaking Canadian use a term translated by listening to television or listening to a film. Have you ever tried watching a movie without sound? That’s boring and even with subtitles, it is difficult to follow the story. The opposite, however, is entirely possible. This is one of the reasons why sound design in television advertising is so important. The message can be transmitted even if the viewer is not paying attention during the commercial, which is often the case.

Sound design émotionnel

The ingredients of a successful sound identity

Every detail matters to ensure the success of audio branding.


The message

Writing the advertising message, adapted to the target audience. Impactful words, concrete examples and convincing calls to action are the key words of a powerful advertising message. The tone of the message and the words used are very important.


The voice

Choosing a recognizable, attractive, convincing or sometimes atypical voice is an excellent way to convey the message. The consumer must feel truly connected with the advertising voice. Whether feminine or masculine, the voice must inspire confidence or arouse envy. Acting and tone are the two essential aspects in the choice and direction of an actor.


The music

Music must carry values and emotions in line with the brand’s DNA. We know that music is a universal language, accessible to all, a vector of powerful emotions. In the case of commercials, we of course promote positive emotions.


Sound effects

Sometimes relegated to the background, or even absent from video clip style spots, sound effects and foley give life and verisimilitude to an advertising spot. They can strongly emphasize the playful, complex, authentic or attractive aspect of a product. It is also possible to use abstract sound effects to punctuate the advertising spot in a musical way.

piano musique


Sometimes underestimated, sound design nevertheless plays a crucial role in creating a memorable and engaging advertising experience. Every voice, every musical note, every sound effect helps captivate the audience and reinforce the message of the ad. By investing in quality sound design and choosing or composing appropriate music, you greatly increase your chances of standing out and leaving a lasting positive impression.

Photos by Camille Paralisan, Dolo Iglesias, Lidya Nada et Warren Umoh on Unsplash

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